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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The Good Stuff

Covid Masks - - These masks have the PM 2.5 filter inserts - One of the best we've found

FirePit Grill - Cover or Tripod - - This grill have drop V's and can be used for a tripod - We have used it both ways - Very versatile

Travel Trailer Hitch Lock - - Hitch lock for our TT & Boat

HD/4K Outdoor Antenna - - Upcoming Product Review and Onsite Testing/Rssults

Dash Cam - - Truck HD Dash Cam - Great Video

Dicor Lap Sealant - - A must for sealing roof, edges and seams

Mini Leaf Blower - - Perfect for clearing the RV/TT patio mats, Slide out tops etc.

Super LED Head Strap Light - - Perfect for those dark and low light conditions when you need a bright head lamp

Cotton Safari Hats - - The ultimate chill hat

Anti-Skid Tape - - This stuff is great !! Use on RV/TT Steps, boat step, bumpers - You name it

Toilet Valve - - An absolute upgrade to the stock toilet water valve - Trust us on this one !!

Attwood Water Heater Element - - Another quality replacement part for the Attwood Water heaters

Mini LED Flashlights - - This 5 pack is prefect to have one in the vehicle, the basement, inside the RV - Very bright

Seaflow Water Pump - - Stock RV/TT water pumps are, well, adequate at best and usually don't last long. This pump and below accumulator upgrade will save power and recycles

Seaflow Accumulater Tank -

Ultimate UV Protector - - The best spray on UV protector bar none !!

Black Tank Sanitizer/Cleaner - - A must have for the black tank maintenance

Minder Tire Minder TPMS - - An RV/TT tire pressure monitoring system is an absolute must have item. See real time pressure and temps.

Countertop/Portable Ice Maker - - Most RV and Travel Trailers don't come with a large freezer space, enough for making enough ice. This guy covers that in a flash. 11 minutes to the first cubes and it just keeps on rolling every 6 mins after.

Patio Mat - Reversible - - perfect to cover that gravel or dirt front entryway. We got the larger 9x18 but this 8x11 will fill the bill.

Ultimate Slide Rubber Seal Conditioner -

Halogen LED Replacement Bulbs - - Replace those high heat energy suckers

12V Interior LED 1156 Bulbs - - Change those incandescent interior bulbs to LED

The Bad & The Ugly

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